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Incorrect URL in Felt 2008 Special Issue


Please Visit for Current Knitting and fibery related information!

Just a note to let those of you who are visiting after reading the Interweave Knits Felt Special Issue that they printed the wrong URL. This is an old blog that I keep live so people can continue to refer to old tutorials and what not, but the current location of my blogging and store for my knitting patterns is at

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I’m Getting Settled!


I still have a *ton* of work to do as far as getting links set up over in the new home, but the overall look and feel is all set up. I’ll continue working with the link stuff over the next few days. But there should be regular posts over there starting tomorrow morning!

Check it out —

And please update your RSS feeds/subscriptions etc. to the new RSS feed URL – feed:

The first comment you leave over there will require moderation, but once you’ve been approved your comments should show up right away just as they have over here.

Mom is Away…

Emma early this morning...

Mom is scheming for a way to get out of the house for most of the day because Dad brewed up a Porter last night and the smell in the house reminds her of the bottom of a silo that was filled a bit too wet – fermenting and moldy grain. It’s too cold outside to open up and air out so she’s really complaining about that smell.

She is also busy setting up her new all-inclusive blog. She is hoping she’ll be able to post later today or tomorrow with the new web address. She hates to change location, but if the blog is going to contain stuff other than knitting on a semi-regular basis she didn’t think a web address that specifically containes “knitting” in it was appropriate. She did ask me to post the following this morning…

The final birthday month contest starts today. This one will require your thinking caps and your creativity!

I’ll be setting up new categories at the new blog. I don’t want to be old and stale and boring and just use “Knitting,” “Spinning,” “Movies,” “Music” etc. I want semi-abstract (pithy would be great), as short as possible and still get the point across category names for the top level. Below are the ones I’m having the most difficulty with along with a brief description of what sort of posts will be contained in the category…

- About Me (it will just contain stories of everyday life and stuff that gives you a better view of who I am)
- Dyeing (experiements, tips and techniques on dyeing fiber in all forms)
- Collage/Mixed Media/Visual Art(?) (it will contain my collages, my printmaking stuff, art journals, card making, etc. I’m undecided as to whether to have a seperate photography section since that isn’t usually mixed media…)
- Photography (emphasis of these post will be on photographs, I’m not positive I’ll have a section dedicated to this, but it never hurts to be prepared)
- Groups Activities (KALs, things like Project Spectrum, Self-Portrait Tuesday, and CQThursday, Secret Pals etc.)
- Cooking/Baking (share recipes and speak of cookbooks, I quite likely may also speak of cutting fat and cholesterol from recipes from time to time, chances are most things will be vegetarian)
- Traditions (I’m learning more and more about my Swedish heritage right now, but suspect it will also occassionally contain German and possibly a few others cultures at some point, I’ll also speak on just traditions from growing up in Minnesota in this section as well)
- Movies (it will have reviews of movies I’ve seen as well as an occassional list of movies I’d like to see)
- Music (I’ll review new music I’ve acquired from time to time and occassionally review concerts I’ve attended)
- Plays/Theater (we have season tickets to a local theater company and we occassionaly see a bigger production and I’d like to share reviews of the plays we have seen)
- Contests (announcements for comment contests and the like as well as my entries in blog contests as well)
- Freebies (contain free knitting patterns as well as free tutorials on art techniques etc.)

To give you an idea of what I’m kind of looking for, here some of the ideas I’m planning on using for some of the other categories…
- Knotty (Knitting)
- Twisted (Spinning)
- Warped (Weaving – yes, there may be some posts on this in the not too distant future)
- Between the Covers (Books)
- Bound (Bookbinding)
- Boob Tube (Television)

How is this a contest? Give me your best ideas for category names and you are welcome to suggest different ones for those already given. Anyone who gives me a category name (or more) that I choose to use will go into another random number drawing. I’ll choose up to five winners for one of my patterns again! Previous winners are eligible for a second pattern too! We’ll keep this one open until the end of the month, okay? I’ll do the drawing next Monday, May 1st!

Woot We Have Another Winner!


Spring Sunshine Anklet knit from hand dyed merino yarn.

It seems everyone got the picture right, so I used the random number generator to pick a number and the lucky number was 10, which corresponded to Hillary‘s comment. So, Hillary, either leave a comment here or drop me an e-mail with the name of the pattern you would like and I’ll e-mail it out to you. Congrats and happy knitting!

The eye of partridge toe on the sunshine anklet.

This is just anklet number one. I completed it on Tuesday or Wednesday last week. It has a picot edge and an eye of partridge heel and toe! The yarn is some I dyed with Kool-Aid at the very end of March in preparation for Project Spectrum. It was a half hank of the KnitPicks Dye Your Own with 6 packets of lemonade. When that bath was exhausted I sprinkled 3/4 of a packet of orange over the hank in different places. I would rearrange the hank occassionally during the sprinkling to try get as equally distributed amount of orange on the hank as you can get when you are randomly sprinkling. If I remember correctly I think put the hank in my dyeing mesh collander over the same hot bath that was exhausted of the lemonade and turned up the heat a bit to steam set the orange.

This anklet was my SnB and a bit of TV watching knitting down at the very end of Seraphim when I was into the lace section that required a little less divided attention. I think it makes a fun spring sock. Too bad I don’t have the other one done as we’re having one of our spring storms today. It is super gray and actually snowing out (though none appears to be sticking at this point). It would be fun to have these socks to brighten the day today.

FO Friday Returns! Finally!


Stages of Seraphim

Pattern: Seraphim by Miriam Felton
Yarn: NatureSpun Sport by Brown Sheep in Chuck Berry, Seconds, 5 Skeins
Needles: US 6 Addi Turbos (I went up a size since I was using a slightly thicker yarn)
Dimension: ~75″ across and ~37″ from center back to tip
Recipient: Me (though it may go to grandma Schueler depending upon Mom’s success with the pattern)
Process Dates: March 17th, 2006 – April 20th, 2006
Adjustments: I took out a total of 24 stitches from the top stockinette section to account for my larger yarn, needles, and gauge. Also, on the last design row of the chart I took out the first decrease of each half of the shawl as the stitch counts weren’t working for me with that decrease in there. Since I was at SnB at the time I can’t say that the error wasn’t me, but it looks fine in its final state.

Monday evening I completed the knitting portion of Seraphim at SnB and following a wonderful last supper with Mom and DH at Bisetti’s I bound it off. It was a bit of a race as mom wanted to feel it off of the needles. Because I did not have blocking wires and the best place to block something so large is the guest bed she did not get to feel it in its blocked state. But, on Wednesday I got myself a 1 pound package of stainless steel tig welding rods that are 3/32″ in diameter. They worked great to block the shawl.

I’m quite happy with the shawl. There are a few wabi sabis in it that I noticed upon blocking, but nothing hugely obvious. The coloring of the first ball of yarn sometimes strikes me as a big deal and other times seems as though it could almost pass as being part of the design. It blended in better I think when it was wet. Partially because of this and partially because it is my first shawl and does have some mistakes it will likely be a home shawl, so it is now living on my chair in the living room.

Miriam did a wonderful job with this pattern. It is a great place to start if you are new to lace knitting I think. While I wasn’t new to lace knitting per se, I was knew to actually finishing a shawl project. The stockinette beginning was just what I needed as I took on this project shortly after learning that my paternal grandmother had taken a rather serious turn for the worse. She has improved since, but I found the stockinette to be quite therapeutic. The lace portion was fairly easy to memorize, especially when one design row repeated a few times. That repetition allowed me to do some of the lace knitting while watching television or visiting with friends. The charts were also very readable.

It has been a looong time since I had a FO! Man does it feel good!

You may still put in your guess for yesterday’s contest until Monday morning, whenever I’m ready to post. All correct guesses will get thrown into the hat so-to-speak.

I’ll leave you with some more photos of a modeled Seraphim (I’m taking suggestions on which shot(s) to send to my Grandma Bakke, a former knitter and sometimes fixer of mom’s mistakes, just click on them for larger versions)…

Seraphim in All Its Glory A Casual Way to Wear Seraphim Seraphim from the Side Half of Seraphim

Have a great weekend!


Dye-O-Rama Baby!

Edit: I forgot to mention the Dye-O-Rama Swap that Scout and a few others are hosting. For those of you wanting the perfect excuse to get into dyeing or those who are old hat but would like to have some fun knitting someone else’s dye scheme head over and sign-up. They are having sign-ups open for only 48 hours and the doors opened at 6pm (MDT) last night so time is ticking!

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