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Belated March PS and Another Contest!


Project Spectrum Post Card for March

Look what I found amongst my birthday cards! It seems since Lauren went to the extra trouble of using an envelope her PS postcard was mistaken as a birthday card and tucked away with the others until the big day. It’s a great postcard of collaged magazine images in the March Project Spectrum colors. Thank you very much, Lauren!

It does seem that my postcard to her did not make it. I suppose that happens from time to time with postcards. But, I did do it digitally in March so I’ll give it another shot. I also haven’t heard anything back from my April pal. Perhaps these are signs that I shouldn’t be doing the postcard swap???

In happier Project Spectrum news, here is this week’s contest – again, for your choice of my sock patterns. Guess what the item in the photo below is. All of the correct guesses will get assigned a number and I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner…

What is this item? Guess and you could win one of my sock patterns!

Yet Even More Birthday Stuff…


I’m gona drag out my birthday as long as possible, LOL! No, I’m only kidding!

On Friday I took mom down to the annual sale at Woolen Treasures to fortify her needle inventory. She knits *very* tight because that is how she feels like she has control of her knitting tension since she can’t see it. So we got her nearly every needle over the size of 8 in a 32″ length. Well, we stopped at 11 or 13 I think. But they had been low on needles when I had stopped in the first day of the sale. While there I vascillated on picking up one of the felted Calla Lily kits from Pick Up Sticks. Calla Lilies are my absolute favorite flower and I carried 6 with just a touch of ivy for my wedding bouquet. I decided against a kit though. I am sort of curious whether the large arrangement kits contain slightly different flower directions so you get a more natural looking arrangement or if you just get more of the supplies. If it is just more supplies I may cave at some point yet and get the single kit so I have the directions and can then make my own arrangement of them. But, we’ll see.

Alpaca with a Twist lace weight yarn.

I did end up getting one (~875 yd) hank for Fino by Alpaca with a Twist (Color 1002, Twilight). It’s 70/30 Alpaca/Silk and has a very lovely hand. I *think* I’ve broke through my stumbling block on triangular shawls so I think this will grow up into something like that though I do not have a specific pattern in mind just yet. Then again, the color would be great for Susan‘s Mountain Stream scarf. Who knows what it will grow up to be! Choosing the color was a bit hard. The previous weekend Sansablog and Snow had tried to force upon me a lovely rose-like color, but since mom was buying for my birthday I decided to the describe the colors for her and let her choose. She decided the blue would look nice with my eyes.

Lots of books recieved for my birthday!

On Saturday after a yummy breakfast and many phone calls from family back in the midwest we headed to Boulder a little early and I did some more birthday shopping at Shuttles. Mom got me the Inspired Cable Knits book as well as a couple more balls of Dale Baby Ull. I swear I drool everytime I open this book. The best part is that even though I’m a big girl I could make most of the patterns in here for myself without having to extrapolate the pattern. And I love the inspiration photos too. It is just gorgeous!

My sister sent cash with my mom for my birthday knowing that we’d be doing some shopping. She also sent directions that it has to be for something completely fun and frivolous and not practical. So, with her money and that sent out by Grandma Schueler (which I guess technically I am not supposed to get any longer because I’m married) I finally picked up a Weavette (4″ square) and the pattern book. I’ve been thinking for a long time it would be a nice way to use up little left overs of my handspun and then Spin-Off had that article this winter on the flowers made from the squares. I haven’t tried the loom yet. Reading the directions had my head spinning. But I’m sure it is just like knitting patterns used to be for me and if I just sit down and take it line by line it’ll make much more sense.

At the tea most of the crafty people in attendance not only bought themselves a somewhat expensive high tea, but also brought gifts! I was floored. Since I was asking people to drive an hour and spend $20 each on tea I was not expecting gifts. I of course mentioned what Sansablog and Snow got me yesterday. That was given to me on Monday evening so that they would both be there when I opened it since Snow needed to stay home and do the usual Easter weekend activities. But Ashley gave me Knitting Over the Edge. I haven’t looked too closely at it yet, but I’m quite excited by it. I have the first one and often find it a source for inspiration. Then Robin, a writing friend of DH, GF of a good friend and another binder of books gave me Envelopes. It is a book of postcards and envelopes that made their way through the Royal Mail even though they were addressed in a wide variety of puzzles. I can’t wait to curl up in my chair with that one! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Suri Alpaca Roving from Hannah!

I think this one floored me the most. It is 8 oz of Suri Alpaca Roving from Hannah. Firstly, I haven’t tried Suri Alpaca yet and I’ve heard it is quite nice to spin with. Secondly, Hannah is not a spinner (yet, I think she had this fall sometime expressed an interest in learning though). Thirdly, it is from one of the local Alpaca farms and I expect Hannah had to put forth a bit of effort to get it for me. I’m excited about this one, but I’ve got some of my hand dyed BFL on the wheel at the moment. Though it shouldn’t be too much longer…

I do have to give some kudos to DH who sometimes is lacking in the gift giving department. He got me this gorgeous necklace with two semi-oblog (not tear drop and not round, but ever so slightly oval) pearls on lariats (?). I had drooled over it in a local jeweler’s window in old town one evening a few weeks ago. Then about a week before my birthday we walked past again and I made a comment that it was still in the window. Well, it was awaiting my opening the morning of my birthday. I couldn’t get a nice picture of it, but you can see glimpses of it in the photos from the tea (probably best on this one, though only one pearl is showing). The pearls match the earrings I had made for our wedding so the necklace is even that much more special.

This year definitely goes down as one of the very best adult birthdays ever! The only way it could have been any better would have been if my sister and dad had been here. It was filled with fun, laughter, great food, and wonderful people. As Hannah put it when she RSVP’d, 30th birthdays should be celebrated in style and I think mine surely was!

More on the Best Birthday Ever!


I was going to start out with the gifts that arrived first, but I just realized as I was uploading photos that I didn’t get a photo of the first gift that arrived, which was all those great fiber samples that Cathy brought to SnB last week. I’m feeling rather exhausted after the pre-dawn drive to the airport this morning so I’m going to beg off of showing you a photo of those. Plus, I figure you’ll get to see them once I’ve spun them up… But, a lack of picture by no means is due to a lack of enjoying and appreciating the gift, okay??? Okay!

On Thursday afternoon I had a suprise doorbell ring and the slightly protective and extra sensitive due to another dog sleeping in her house Emma gave alert. I was surprised as I wasn’t expecting anything that I knew of. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the postmark and it read Utah! The wonderful and generous Margene sent me a birthday package!

Birthday gifts from Margene!

A wonderful colorway of Opal which I haven’t seen before, but are perfect colors for me! I have an army of t-shirts that will go well with those socks and jeans! Those adorable candies are from a Salt Lake City candy shop and are those creamy mint candies – yum! That stick-like thing on the right, is a great smelling cuticle stick from her sister who makes bath products. It was perfect timing because I was just bemoaning my need to get my fingers out of winter mode so I can spin up some of the silk hankies in my fiber stash without snagging the silk and a couple days of use has me almost ready. The scent is lemon lavender which is perfect as I love anything with a citrus element!

Knitting bags I got for my birthday from Snow, Amanda, and Mom!

Okay, I’m somewhat out of order here, but that bigger lime green bag in this photo was one of my gifts from my mom and it was the first one she bought for me upon arriving; the rest of the items in the photo are the latest gifts to be recieved. Thursday morning we were lounging in the living room talking away and knitting and mom was going on about how she wanted a flat bottomed bag that would stand up. She was explaining how she has been knitting out of a paper grocery sack, but would like something a little longer lasting and better looking. I jumped to my feet and said, “I have the perfect bag for you!” And we jumped in my car and headed to this great local outdoor store, Jax, and mom bought two for herself, the Small and the XSmall version and she got me the Small.

A few weeks ago Sansablog had shown off her bag to us at SnB and at least Snow and I fell in love. There are pockets of varying sizes around the entire inside and the tote bag will zip shut, but has a double zipper so if you need to say keep cats out of your knitting you can just mostly make the zippers meet. One of my favorite “features” is the absence of *any* velcro! It is just the zipper for the top and that is the only yarn-catching thing on the whole bag! There is even a loop with a clip for keeping keys relatively easy to find. I also find the pockets on the sides on the inside of the bag are perfect for water bottles, travel coffee mugs, or single balls of yarn.

Well, I had been so excited about it that Sansablog and Snow got together and bought me one too! LOL! They chose the other green, Mist, for me. I had been thinking I really liked the size of Mom’s smaller one and given my penchant for accessory and small project knitting I was really starting to think I needed that size too. So, I went and exchanged the second green bag for a smaller one (in Marine) and then with the left over $10 I added in a “Half Cube” from Eagle Creek that has stripes in both the lime and the marine. I figure I can fit a sock project in it and then theoretically it can go in either Moutainsmith bag along with another project and I won’t have to worry about yarns from multiple projects getting tangled!

I’m realizing this has gotten to be a relatively lengthy post as it is so I think I shall sign off for now and perhaps go take a nap… I’ll leave you with a glimpse inside of the lime bag complete with mom’s feather and fan afghan that I need to weave ends into and send off to a friend of hers. I’ll revist mom’s afghan at a later date when I’ve completed the finishing work on it.

A inside glimpse of the best knitting bag ever, LOL!

My 30th Birthday Party at Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder


My 30th Birthday Party at Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder

My 30th Birthday Party at Dushanbe Tea House in Boulder,
originally uploaded by kurki15.

My birthday party on Saturday was a wonderful day! Mom, DH and I headed to Lucile’s for breakfast early that morning and enjoyed some Cajun breakfast food. I got many phone calls that morning from the upper midwest – grandma and grandpa Bakke, my sister, my dad (miracles of miracles considering mom wasn’t there to remind him), and my MIL. Then early in the afternoon we piled into the Jetta (pile is quite literal when Gaston is in there) and headed for Boulder.

We stopped at Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins for some birthday shopping. I forgot my Nature Spun yarn I needed to return so I guess I’m going down there again sometime soon. I picked out a few things and mom got some more point protectors. Ashley, Linsey, and Hannah were there shopping before tea as well. DH looked at the looms. Then we headed over to Dushanbe. They had a table stay over so we were seated a bit late. But it all worked out as only the knitters were there right on time, LOL! (What do you suppose that says?)

We did discover that 18 is the absolute maximum that they can seat at one table. That was actually kind of pushing it. The chairs were bunched together and two people got stuck with small chairs. But, the food was excellent as usual – lemon scones (complete with clotted cream, apricot preserves and lemon curd to put on them), artichoke purses, spicy eggplant canapes, chocolate chip cookies, Russian tea cakes, cucumber and herbed butter sandwiches, and elephant ears. We had the whole table served the vegetarian tea selection since there were several vegetarians in attendance. Those of us who have had the non-vegetarian are thinking we may order the vegetarian from now on, LOL!

I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a bit of a large group to actually visit well with everyone in attendance, but some of us lingered outside and got to visit better there. It was a great way to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Tomorrow (or perhaps Wednesday seeing as how we have to leave at dawn for the airport tomorrow) I’ll share the wonderful presents I recieved from friends in attendance and friends from far away. I’m bowled over by everyone’s generosity and much of it was quite fiber-centric so it was just perfect!

And the Winner Is . . .


The items that cast the shadow.

First off, Lizzy B was the only one to guess the right answer! It was my niddy noddy and a cd drop spindle (courtesy of Spin-Off). Of course she had a little help since she had recently seen those at my house :-) But, as I said, all guesses would be tossed in the hat. Mom drew Ann of Purlingswine this morning! So, Ann, drop me a line with which pattern you’d like a copy off and I’ll e-mail it to you.

Thanks everyone for playing!


Seraphim as of this morning.

Here is a photo of Seraphim as of this morning. Very little was done on it yesterday, just a row and a half. I was a bit too antsy to sit still and knit something from a chart. Though I do suppose the self-control would have been good for me, LOL! The color is a little off there. It’s really a bit darker than that.


Emma and Gaston making friends.

Mom’s plane was 45 minutes late so DH and I both went down and were able to have a leisurely supper before heading down. She had two people helping her out at baggage and later she found out that neither of them even had checked luggage! She totally could have gotten help to the shuttle, LOL! But we did get home almost an hour before she would have if she had taken the shuttle.

Emma and Gaston are doing their best to be friends. Emma did get up multiple times last night and sniffed at their door. But they ate breakfast together (that was somewhat entertaining, but nothing bad) and had a run outside for a while. Gaston is non-dominant and is actually a little scared that Emma will get him in trouble so he is liking to hide under furniture (which is a joke given how large he is). Emma is keeping vigilant watch on her toys, but has now finally quit pacing and has taken her spot on the rug in front of the patio door watching the kids walk to school.

We have no real plans for today yet. I suspect we’ll probably grab lunch somewhere and then get a few toys for Gaston to keep in “his place” in the bedroom. So if he is stressed he’ll have a bone to chew on.

Depending on what mom wants to do and that I may or may not get around to reading blogs or posting here tomorrow and Monday. But I’ll be back regular on Wednesday for sure!

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